Soft skill business trainings

Soft skill business trainings

Not only am I a virtual assistant and a project manager, I also support companies by providing training to their employees – both on individual basis and for groups. For 6 years I’ve worked as an internal trainer in an international company and I have a solid experience in this area.

Why should you be interested in my trainings?

When developing business, we often put soft skills in the background, deeming it something of lesser importance. Unfairly so, as the success of any business is strongly related to those skills. Effective communication, assertive behavior and the ability to manage time wisely are skills that will help you and your employees with your professional development, and at the same time will also have a very positive impact on your personal life.


What trainings do I offer?

Effective communication


The art of assertiveness


Time management


All trainings are priced on a case-to-case basis. The analysis of your training requirements will help to adjust the each training to your individual needs.

The workshops can be conducted as a series of short coaching sessions, or as a one long training. Depending on your preferences you can choose to have the training online, or I can lead the it in person. English or Italian as the language of the training is also an available option.

If you want to know more about the trainings, contact me directly via phone or email.