Virtual project manager

Virtual project manager

As a virtual project manager I administer projects that you delegate to me:

  • I will prepare a plan and a schedule for the project
  • I will coordinate all the assignments
  • I will supervise and support the team – one you will delegate for the project or one that I will build for you for the purposes of the project
  • I will make decisions within the authority that you will grant me and establish the priorities
  • When the project is finished, I will provide you with a summary

All the above will be done within a schedule and will meet the established deadline.

Delegating the project to me does not equal losing control over it, you will actually gain it:

  • I will summarize each stage of the project and report to you after we reach each milestone
  • I will lead the project, so you won’t have to worry about it – I will be the one to take care of the details
  • the project will be delivered according to the schedule that you would previously accept

Billing per hour or a package deal?

Choose your payment plan

Which payment plan would you prefer – to pay per hour or to get a package deal? Pick what fits your requirements best. Paying per hour gives you flexibility while a package deal ensures that I am always at your disposal. We can discuss and modify the plan when your business needs change.


Billing per hour:

45 eur/h

Mini package: 5h

220 eur

Medium package: 10h

420 eur

Maxi package: 20h

800 eur



  • All package deals are valid 1 month
  • Prices given above are net prices
  • I issue VAT invoices for my services


Services in foreign languages (English and Italian) are priced individually.

If you want to know more about prices or would like to talk about individual pricing for tasks in foreign languages, call me or write to me.

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