Who am I?

My name is Julia Kostowska and I am an online business manager.

Online business manager is a viable support for your company in administering operational

Online business manager is much more than a virtual assistant.

You give specific tasks to your assistant, online business manager on the other hand will be
your partner in going through your company’s strategy, operating procedures, structure of
processes and possible improvements to efficiency of your operations.

You would ask your assistant to research specific aeras of operation, online business manager
will proactively propose available options to you instead, and then they will also implement them
in your company.

How will you benefit?

No wage costs for you – thanks to b2b model of collaboration



You will pay only for the time I have spent doing work for you



You will gain time for creative, conceptual, and strategic work


What can I do for you?

Collaborating with me you will be able to spend more time on your company’s development,
pursuit of strategic goals and priorities, tactical, creative, and conceptual work that will make
your company thrive.

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Contact me in case you have any questions concerning my offer or if you want to work with me.
Together we will find best solutions for your business.