“It is a pure pleasure to work with Julia Kostowska from bestassist.pl. Thanks to her my
efficiency grew considerably. And my companies can finish even more projects in lesser time”.

Marcin Głąb, Dom Dla Każdego

“Most of all Julia is just an extremely organized person who performs each task with an
exceptional attention to detail. This is what convinced me to collaborate with Julia when I
decided that I need the support of a virtual assistant. This has been a great choice! Without a
moment of doubt, I can delegate to Julia all tasks that require good organizational skills,
knowing that they will be performed even better than I could manage doing them myself. As an
entrepreneur I tremendously value the enjoyable collaboration and the peace of mind that
working will Julia gives me. With her optimism, organizational skills, and initiative, Julia fits her
role fantastically, and I can recommend working with her without any hesitation”.

Kasia Tang, www.kasiatang.com

Bartosz Langa, www.balango.pl